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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. thank you for joining us again we are in berkeley. we've been there since 4:00 this morning. the scene of a deadly balcony collapse. at least five people are dead. this happened over night. and she is learning some new information about the victims who were young irish citizens. we will check in with her in just about two minutes. it is tuesday, june 16th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather and traffic. sun about to get up. >> we have fog out there. it will be warmer. but inland we will get into the 80s. some of that high pressure build manager. not as much fog. there is still plenty but the wind has tailed off. a westerly breeze in place.
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we're not going to get that warm but it's about ready it being tropical storm bill. being 60 miles an hour. raining a lot in houston. starting to make landfall around port o'connor. there is going to be an area of very heavy rain. to the left and right of that area. but there will be localized amounts to about 7-8 inches of rain. san francisco was only 5 yesterday. i went 63 today. oakland which was only 63 yesterday. i did bump you up to 70. this is downtown. but it looks a little warmer inland. fog is there. it will be a tough call over by the coast. 50s on the temps. 48 santa rosa. there was a little breeze but yesterday it was roaring. over all lots of sunshine. it's a little cool on the lows but it will be a little warmer on the afternoon highs which means 60s and 70s or back to 80s. all right sal things still okay at 6:01? >> well we do have a couple
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things out there, steve. i would say generally they are okay. we do have slow traffic out there for you to be aware of. let's go outside and take a look at what we have now. you can see traffic here on interstate 880 looks good in both directions as you drive past the oakland coliseum. and we're hoping for it to stay that way. when we goat to the toll plaza it is backed up. the metering lights are on. the 880 ramps are not that bad. we're also looking at the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. it is 6:02 let's go back to the desk. we want to go back to our breaking news in berkeley where five people fell to their deaths win a balcony collapse the during a party. at least eight other people are hurt. tara moriarty is learning more about the people involved and the building with this happened. tara. >> reporter: we've been speaking to new agencies back
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in ireland. they tell us some of the victims may have been from -- that is the city of bally shannon. we know this is a delicate situation. a lot of the families are still in the process of being notified right now. and if you take a look behind me, we will show you where this happened. this is the apartment building where you see the french doors are. that is where the balcony used to be. it fell on top of the balcony below. a group of college age students most from ireland were celebrating a 21st birthday party. this happened around 12:45 this morning. we are not far from berkeley high school and all of these victims are scattered at area hospitals. eden children's of oakland. >> our investigators will work with our city investigators and building inspectors as well as the fire departments to try to
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determine exactly what happened. it's just too early on in the investigation to specifically say what happened. but we are working very thoroughly and we are processing the scene. >> now the apartment building is near cath tick avenue. a man coming out of a nearby movie theater where this happened said hemapheism of the victims friends rides to the hospital. and according to the website the building was built in 2006 and has 176 units. and the people who live in the unit below where the balcony fell were not home at the time of this accident. you can see they have the street blocked off here. we understand the bodies are located behind the vehicle. one person was transported to the hospital where they later died. back to you. >> boy there will be a lot of new information coming out of that scene, thank you, tara.
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time is 6:04. meantime the fbi wants your help to catch vandals that are cutting fiberoptic cables. they have done it ten times since last year. the attacks knocked out cell phone service and emergency communications. the latest attack by the vandals was last week in walnut creek. but investigators say the vandalism started last july when cables were cut until berkeley. the fbi is looking for witnesses if you have any information, leave a tip at we have great news to talk about. tonight the golden state warriors could be nba champions. they lead 3-2. the warriors 3-1 by the way in close out games
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however the cavaliers are 7-2 at home. the warriors know getting a win won't be easy. >> it will probably be the hardest game in the series. >> is that easier said than done given the circumstances? >> absolutely. it's in your nature to look and see you're up 3-2. but on the inside it will be war. >> the warriors looking to close out the series in cleveland but if it does have to go to game 7, that will be back home on friday. now about 17,000 warriors fans will be watching game six inside oracle arena. tickets went on sale saturday for $15 each. they quickly sold out. now we have been keeping an eye on the sales online. some selling for as much as $50. the warriors staffing the event as if it was a normal game with concession stands open. arena doors open at 4:30 this afternoon. police need your help. they want to find a missing 91- year-old man that has alzheimer's. he may have walked out of his
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home on north henry and prune ridge avenue. his wife if opened. mr. moral was last seen wearing a gray and white striped shirt, blue jeans, and a fisherman's hat. a party bus ride that started in san francisco ended abruptly in antioch after unruly passengers went on a wild rampage in a grocery store and then police found guns on the bus. police were called at 11:30 saturday night. witnesses say about 30 people got on the bus and started tearing things up. a number of them grabbed food, drinks, and alcohol and ran out. police arrested 12 people and the search of the bus turned up five loaded hidden handguns. the city of palo alto has agreed to pay a homeowner after
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police damaged their house. the damage happened when officers terror but the homeowner filed a claim against the city saying officers terror the city has afree grieved to pay the 92-year-old homeowner more than $2300. accusing officials of not doing enough to stop a teacher who was convicted of molesting students. former whaley elementary schoolteacher craig chandler was sent to prison for molesting five young girls. the victims parents brought that lawsuit against the school district and one of the families lawyers says the school district received sexual harassment complaints about
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chandler within a year he was hired. san francisco mayor ed lee is putting his focus on muni again. the mayor almost tour a full scale model of muni's next generation cars. muni plans to add 200 light rail cars to its fleet before the end of next year. the train is designed to carry bicycles. the mayor is one of several city leaders that are taking part in the muni challenge. promising to ride muni for the first 22 days this month so they can get a better understanding of what it's like to ride the transit system on a daily basis. time is 6:09. solving a backlog of cold cases in oakland. coming up in our next half hour there is a new push to convince witnesses of unsolved homicides to come forward. >> and next a huge wild fire in alaska. the evacuations under way and the extra crews brought in to
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fight the 6,000-acre fire.
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a crash last night on the bay bridge caused major traffic backups. this happened about 10:00 on the eastbound side of the bridge. just west of treasure island. two people vehicles were involved in an suv that flipped over trapping someone inside. that person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. no one else was hurt.
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a big wild fire in abs is being fueled by hot, dry, and windy weather. almost 2,000 people evacuated. this fire has destroyed more than two dozen homes. >> talk about putting your life on the line. they are jumping into as close to the fire as they say you can. so the response has been huge. >> and there is a second fire roughly 100 miles south of this fire. it's also forcing evacuations. a grass fire burned dangerously close to some homes. the flames there reported just before 5:00 last night along interstate 280. crews from the santa clara county fire department attacked the grass fire on the ground.
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cal fire made water drops from the air. about three acres burned. no word on what started that fire. firefighters making progress on a big wild fire burning in the shasta trinity national forest. it has burned a little more than 1500 acres but 60% contained. firefighters are also dealing with 99-degree heat. they're hoping though cooler temperatures will help them contain it faster. california's drought effecting the way firefighters battle wild fires this year. firefighters say the ocean is a good source of water when it comes to battling fires along the coast. firefighters are also trying to use less water during their training. firefighters are not only being effected in the field, governor jerry bunnies 25% water
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district has hit fire stations as well. bay area scientists are heading to the amazon to get a better look at the drought. they are studying hundreds of species of trees and how climate change has effected them. the amazon has experienced two mocha drought. this should help scientists understand what could happen to if california investigation. it's 6:15. let's get everybody out the door. everybody behaving? >> so far. it hasn't been a bad commute. right now we are not looking at a lot. the traffic is doing pretty well on highway 24 westbound as you come up to the pay gates. you can see that the traffic is doing very nicely. and we don't have a big backup yet.
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let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the 880 ramp is not doing too badly. we keep looking at the east bay commute and i'm not looking at a lot of slow traffic although i did find some on the al mont pass on westbound 580. that is a bunch of slow traffic there on that stretch until you reach the main part of livermore. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> thank you, sal. >> that was a pretty picture by the way. we do have low clouds around. yesterday was a much stronger surge in areas well inland such as concord and livermore. yet other areas you go far enough inlapped you can find mid to upper 80s. but there are signs it will burn off a little sooner. temperatures will bump up a little bit. especially inland. yesterday was a cool one. santa rosa 78. that is below average. palo alto was only 72. livermore a cool 76 for them. today it's 82.
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76. 85 and 78. so there will be a bump up. the biggest jump will be for those inland. san jose 78 and 54. the record high not that long ago when it was 98 degrees. the record low was a long time ago. 1895 when it was a brisk 36. don't see those temps anymore. right there. it looks like around port o'connor moving inland. that will be an area of very heavy rain on the line where it goes. it looks like austin, dallas fort worth will get rain in areas they did not need it. we had hurricane carlos. now it will decrease but it's right on the cusp of 75 miles an hour. so still hurricane strength. it looks like it's going parallel over the next couple of days to the coast of mexico and might go right between cabo
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san lucas. keep an eye on that. it looks like that might fall apart. it is just on the border of hurricane strength. we have a lot of low clouds and fog. 48 santa rosa. 53 half-moon bay. redwood city is at 51. west at 14. 50s and 60s through the interior but the water temps have cooled off. cleveland rain this morning clouds that will clear out by this afternoon will be okay. tonight for those that may be interested in that but the big story continues to be tropical storm bill and there will be a lot of rain down there in texas. for us there is a lot of fog which means the coast really stays on the cool side. kind of an interesting band of higher clouds coming up. active sub is tropical branch of the jet might spin high and mid level clouds. it will be a little warmer. breezy at times. i always double clutch on that.
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they will be 90s up toward the north. upper 80s to low 90s. 10:s on the peninsula. not much change. maybe a little bit more wednesday, a little dip thursday. there are signs the weekend at least friday and saturday will be warmer. >> texas is really taking another hit. >> they have already been hit hard. that is bad. >> get two feet of rain in may. >> crazy. team usa plays nigeria today in the women's world cup. after scoring three goals in their opening match against australia, the u.s. women's team was shut out against sweden and the u.s. did not college a spot in the knock out round but women hope to get on
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track today in van cover. you can watch today's map. we also have complete womens world cup coverage at including a schedule of the games. just like on women's world cup it's right there on the home page. right now it's 6:20. and the naacp leader accused of lying about her race has resigned from her position. coming up in our next half hour, what she is saying about that controversy. >> plus new details about the two shark attacks at the same beach in north carolina. rt chaos that was captured in 911 calls after two teenagers were seriously hurt.
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new this morning word that the leader of al qaeda in yemen was killed in a u.s. drone strike. he once served as osama bin laden east personal secretary was leader of al qaeda. the group plotted attacks against airlines and claimed responsibility for the attack on the french magazine that killed 12 people. >> time is 6:23. in the last half hour rain from tropical storm bill has started falling in the houston texas area. you heard steve paulson. the eye of the storm is still
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off the gulf coast but it's expected to move on shore in the next hour or two. now bill is packing 50 miles an hour winds. this could drop eight inches of rain in the next couple of days. this particular part of texas is still recovering from the floods that happened during the memorial day weekend. we're also hearing the panicked 911 calls from beach goers after those shark attacks that seriously injured two teenagers in north carolina.
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>> the 12-year-old girl and 16- year-old boy both lost an arm until sunday's attacks. both were about 20 yards off the shore in just waist deep water. a surfers camp scheduled for this week along the shore is canceled because of the attacks. authorities are using boats and helicopters to patrol the water and warn swimmers if any additional sharks move into the area. time is 6:25. they are cracking down on people cursing in arlington, virginia and if you do it, it will cost you. i used to live in arlington. police are stepping up their efforts to get bar patrons to watch their language after they had been drinking. the county board passed an ordnance this weekend raising the penalty for public intoxication and profanity to $250. the ordnance cracks down on anyone appearing intoxicated or using profane curse words. >> freedom of expression.
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stop putting a blank on whatever we are supposed to say. >> i'm usually here for happy hour. i don't see people getting that wasted. >> last year arlington county police made 664 arrest of drunken people cursing in public. the penalty was still $100. the warriors assistant coach proves age doesn't matter. yeah that is coach alvin gentry dunking the basket. a little help from the wall. but hey, you try that. not bad for the 60-year-old coach. it wasn't his first try but the team loved it. my least favorite name pelicans. that is a great shot though. >> way to go coach. our time is 6:26. a staffing overhaul happening
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at an elementary school. why they are making the teachers and staff reapply for their jobs. >> plus five college students were killed early this morning when an a balcony at an apartment complex collapsed. eight other people have serious injuries. we'll tell you what we are learning about the young victims in this case. >> good morning. we are looking at the golden gate bridge and right now traffic is looking good for this north bay commute coming down to the toll plaza. we'll tell you a little bit more about it coming up. >> still plenty of fog out there coast and bay but not nearly as much inland.
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welcome back. we are still following breaking news.
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look at this scene here. five people have died in berkeley. a balcony collapsed at this apartment building. the victims were all celebrating a 21st birthday. coming up in two minutes, we'll have live team coverage from this scene including letting you hear some new sound from when the police received the tragic call about what happened out there. stay tuned. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 it's tuesday, june 16th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. 6:30. steve. are we going to get any sun along the beach at all this summer? >> yes. >> a little bit i know. >> it's gloomy right now. >> that is correct. there is a lot offing to out there. i will show you happen is our coastline. we had a really big fog bank yesterday. made it all the way to
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livermore. our coastline no, no. i just tweeted this out. it came from our amazing planet on twitter. low clouds over peru. up welling which we get brings out the colder water. causes bumpy fog along the coastline. what looks very similar to us, same for them. i thought that was a cool picture. sent that out on twitter. there will be some cozy rain. thunderstorms from houston san antonio to austin and dallas. and they don't need the rain but they will get a lot of it. san francisco starting off 53. i will go 63 today. four degrees warmer than yesterday. oakland had a cool, cool day. lots of fog and low clouds in place. 50s on the temps for most. not much of a dell fall breeze. just half of what it was yesterday. so that means it will be warmer inland. some fog. cool on the lows.
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sun isny to nice to mild to warmer. 80s to near 90 degrees for some. 60s and 70s by the water. all right sal had a couple minor issues i think you said. >> yes nice and quiet when it comes to the commute. when it comes to accidents. there is slow traffic to be sure. let's go outside and take a look at the commute now. mccarthur maze is getting a little bit slow. you can see it right there. you can tell when it starts to get slow around this corner here it's a little slow iser than usual here. they have slowed the metering
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lights down. there could be something on that deck the chp is not reporting anything just yet. a little bit of slowing in the richmond area. let's go back to the desk. >> our top story for you this morning, a real tragedy in berkeley celebrating a 21st birthday. five people have died after an apartment balcony collapsed. eight others have been hurt. within the last hour we have found out many of the victims they were visiting here from ireland. we do have but first -- >> reporter: we just spoke to a cab driver that gave a ride to the hospital. they were going over in their
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minds who was missing, who wasn't there and they said one of the girls who died was indeed was from san jose. we're trying to get more information on that. we have been talking to news agencies back in ireland and they tell us a lot of these victims are possibly from valley shannon. so obviously we are still trying to get more information about that. if you take a look behind me you can see where the accident is. we us a group of college age students most from ireland they were celebrating a 21st birthday party. we have five people confirmed dead, eight injured and some with yours so serious they are considered life threatening. we are not far from berkeley high school and we did speak to a man who gave some of the victim's friends rides to the
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hospital. >> they didn't know anything. they were talking amongst themselves about who was on the balcony and how is this person and that one had a broken leg and some people had blood on their knees and kids had no shoes. they were all in a pretty bad state. >> from what i understand it was a pretty horrific scene for the officers and paramedics to have to come upon. it will be a sad day for a lot of families. our officers and paramedics worked hard to do what they could to help the injured. and unfortunately we did have five that did pass away. there are several very serious injuries. >> all of the victims are scattered at area hospitals. eden children's of oakland. this apartment building is sheer shattuck. according to the website, the building was built in 2006. it has 176 units. so it's not a particularly old building. we understand the people that live in the unit below they were not home at the time.
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you request see police have this street quarantined off. the coroner is here so they are getting ready to remove those bodies. the fifth victim died later at the hospital. 6:3619 time. now we want to go to alex savidge. you have new information about the the victims and the initial call received by police. >> yeah we will play that call to you here. we do understand that all of the five people that were killed the five young people killed they were all students from ireland here in the u.s. on temporary visas that we understand the irish department of foreign ministries is doing what it can to try to reach all of those families. we will give you another advantage point here of the apartment building where this collapse took place very early this morning. again a birthday party was happening inside an apartment
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there on the fourth floor. >> one of the balconies broke and at least ten people fell from the second or third floor. >> reporter: and you can only imagine the scene that officers found when they got here early this morning. this was about 12:30 a.m.. when police came they found the fourth floor balcony on top of the third floor balcony. again a total of five people
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killed in this if if now again they were all students from ireland here visiting the u.s.. here's a statement from ireland's foreign affairs minister. it says my heart goes out to the families and loved ones of the decreased and those that have be tv this building was built just about ten years ago. the the tv wees at -- we'll send it back to you for now. >> yeah we've covered these for awhile. that is okay alex. we know the investigation is likely to take awhile. we'll check back in with you in a little bit. 6:38 is the time. parents still searching for answers after a south bay school district announced a
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staffing overhaul at an elementary school. administer tours are requiring all -- administrators are requiring all staff to reapply for their jobs. those that are not interested or are not selected will be transferred to another opening within the cupertino union school district. at a meeting last night, the district tried to explain itself to 250 parents and teachers. the change was fueled by tension between the administration, the teachers, and parents. >> it would have been nice to know what the problem was. tension is a very big thing. we don't know what the problem is. >> the schools new principal was introduced last night. she has already begun interviewing new teachers. the district says it plans to announce personnel changes after finishing interviews. >> we're talking warriors.
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you know the warriors have already had a history making year. you knew that. but tonight they hope to make their mark in nba history by beating the cleveland cavaliers and winning the nba championship. brian flores is joining us live now. he is in san francisco. he has something in his hand because warriors fans are getting ready on both sides for tonight. >> reporter: they are, dave. that is why they call it dub nation. dub nation is getting ready for the big win tonight. this is the front page of the san francisco examiner. and as you can see the headline 9:says one win away. and that is exactly what is going to be happening here tonight. the dubs verses the cavaliers. i'm sure lots of fans will be glued watching the team make mystery. some other fans may want to be hanging out with the other thousands of fans. that place will be sold out. they are hosting a game six watch party tonight. tickets sold out.
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the gates will open tonight at 4:30 preponderate 30. the parking lot opens at 4:00 this afternoon. >> this will be the hardest game in the series. outside looking in. that's what it looks like. but on the inside it will be war. >> if the dubs do win, you can bet there will be celebrations opinion the city of oakland is getting ready by having all available officers on duty tonight. they are also asking for neighboring police officers, police forces to be prepared as well. and restaurants they are getting ready to. the owner says he's ordered four times the amount of food and beverage for tonight. >> tomorrow we are going to have about 1,000 buns come in. but the big problem is we also have 15 kegs coming in. >> reporter: city officials didn't provide much detail on a
6:42 am
possible parade only to say if the dubs do win tonight a parade all take place likely on friday and in they win on friday, that would be game seven here in oakland and then the parade would take place here on monday. thousands of people getting ready for game six tonight. coming up in our next hour, we'll have a very special guest. i it's called a tease. >> good tease. >> reporter: he's going to be right here. >> who's your buddy snap who's your pal? >> reporter: he's my buddy. here's your buddy too, dave. >> all right i'll be watching. whether or not the warriors win the championship, the warriors president rick welts will be in the parade. he was named grand marshal for the gay pride parade.
6:43 am
welts welts says it's a personal honor and a reflection on how far gays have come in professional sports. this years pride parade in san francisco will be held sunday june 28th. lawmakers in sacramento passed a state budget ahead of last nights midnight deadline but it will likely see changes before the fiscal year begins on july 1st. lawmakers pennsylvaniaed the $117.5 billion budget plan. it's about $2 billion more than governor brown proposed last month. democrats tacked on $749 million. the additional money would mostly go for child care, health care, and social services. democrats say they expect the state will bring in about $3 billion until tax revenues more than projected. and that is where the democratic governor and republican lawmakers agree. >> it is an interesting place
6:44 am
to be. but as republicans we stand for financial responsibility. we want to make sure that california's economy is healthy for the long term. >> the legislature had to pass the budget by midnight or their pay would be cut off. the new budget has to be signed by july 1st. time is 6:43. gun rights. there is another show down here in california. coming up at 7:00 the tight restrictions and issue and what this could mean for bay area gun owners. >> coming up next the chicago black hawks stanley cup champs for the first time in six seasons. what was ding about this teen.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. oakland police are clearing a bog log of cold case murders. opd's initiative involves putting up a posters and billboards all over the city highlighting the unsolved homicides. they'll have the headline to you know who killed me? these posters show a couple of oakland's cold cases. police and family members of some of the victims they unvailed them yesterday in the fruitvale neighborhood near the spot of oakland's 46th homicide last year. the families hope witnesses will come forward. >> and i'm just asking, pleading, begging with someone if you know something, please come forward. >> and then maybe we can bring these families just a little
6:48 am
bit of peace. you know that the person who took their loved one is being held accountable for their actions. >> now oakland police haven't told us yet how many cold cases the department has but they say there are too many. with funding from the fbi, the oakland police department is also setting a website where those posters can be seen. 6:48 is the time. it's time to check in with tori campbell who has four days left. four days left on mornings on 2. >> three more alarm clocks. >> lucky girl. >> i know. good morning pam and dave. could it be the end of the road for leap? we'll explain what is happening with the luxury shuttle service that launched in san francisco just a couple months ago and why it's in trouble with state regulators. >> sunday's shocking game of thrones season finale set a record. not for the number of viewers.
6:49 am
those are some of the stories we're working on. chicago hockey fans are celebrating after the black hawks won the stanley cup. chicago shut out tampa bay 2-0 to win the championship. that sent fans out into the street where is they hugged, cried, and screamed with joy. it is the third time in six seasons chicago has won the title. it was the first time since 1938 that they won it at home. is it just me or does it seem like it's weird to be playing hockey in june? >> there is a long season. >> sal i grew up in san diego so i didn't watch a lot of hockey. >> that hockey season is pretty long. >> so is basketball to be fair. it's a long season. >> i guess i like basketball more. [ laughter ] good morning, everybody. let's take a look at the commute at the toll plaza. it's been a little bit rough
6:50 am
there. we've had a lot of slow traffic coming into san francisco. we're seeing a little bit of improvement but right now it is backed up for a 15-20 minute delay. we're also looking at interstate 880 where that traffic looks good in front of the oakland coliseum. i just want to show you that traffic on highway 37 heading over toward marin out of sonoma and solano county is is pretty busy as i have out lined there. 6:50 now let's go to steve in the weather center. every deny is too long. terror congrats to the black hawks. let's from off with chaoy. i think fog out there. not as much as yesterday but there is a lot of go around. not as much inland. 48 santa rosa. 50s for many. within a few degrees of each other. 51 redwood city. 52 san francisco.
6:51 am
56 brentwood. not much of a difference. the key is the delta breeze. today it's west at 14. it's coming down. that is almost a slam dunk that it will be warmer inland. 34 up in truckee. bodega bay 51. it's going to be record settings hot. but the big story is down in the gulf coast. rain is ending in cleveland. looks like they are on the drier side, just about done. it looks okay for those that are interested in cleveland weather. tropical storm bill moving in. 60 miles an hour. it looks like around port o'connor. that will be copious amounts where that track takes us. eric green sweeted me and said why? why do others get floods and yet we need 30 inches of rain?
6:52 am
it's the pattern. it's the pattern. trust me. when our pattern changes, it will change big time. ever the water temps are warm. at least not off our coast but in other areas they are very warm. over all some fog for inland areas but not as much as yesterday. cooler lows but they will rebound faster. st. helena is 90 in 60s 90. 60s and 70s around the bay. 70s to near 80 for san jose. 60s on the coast. 60s, 70s, peninsula. most of the inland areas will
6:53 am
warm up. it looks like a warmup friday and saturday. >> it felt pretty mild. pretty mild. >> there is 90s inland. >> allergy stuff? >> i haven't heard anything. >> well i'm suffering but that is because -- >> you were suffering in january. >> yeah i pulled weeds in the backyard. time is 6:52. this is now day 11 in that continuing search for two men who escaped from that prison in new york. up next what this search is costing you taxpayers. for over 60,000 california foster children, it's a challenge to replace clothes that are too small or worn out. i grew 3 inches last year. i don't need anything fancy. i never had much to begin with. when i look nice on the outside i feel better on the inside. to help, sleep train is collecting new clothes for kids big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's day a little brighter. not everyone can be a foster parent,
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but anyone can help a foster child.
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the search for the woman dangerous escaped convicts in new york is now on its 11th day. a prison symmetries now accused of helping them break out prison she was in court yesterday. now she is accused of giving them tools and also planning to pick them up after they broke out. officials say it was part of a plot to help richard matt and david sweat kill her husband. now the search is said to be costing taxpayers $1 million every day. the sheriff of clinton county new york says the escapees could be in the woods nearby or they may be long gone. the naacp leader accused of lying about her race says she started identifying as american around the age of five. rachel told nbc news this morning that as a child she drew self-portraits with a brown crayon. she resigned as the naacp
6:57 am
chapter resident in spokane, washington yesterday after it was revealed that she is actually white who has been posing as an african american for more than ten years. her parents say she began to lie about her race after they adopted four african american children. san francisco based gap announced it's closing 170 stores and eliminating hundreds of jobs. gap plans to close 140 stores by the end of this fiscal year. another 35 to follow. a meeting will be held today about the cuts. gap officials say the cuts and store closures are intended to increase productivity and profit for the brand that built its reputation on khakis and other wardrobe basics. >> i have really old gap clothes from 20 years ago. really amazing pieces of clothing. >> a gap spokesman says the complete list won't be released for a new months and that 250 comp rat ray laughs will be
6:58 am
spread -- corporate layoffs will be spread throughout the area. still ahead it is a big tragic story we've been on since 4:00 this morning. five people have died in berkeley. eight others have been hurt. a balcony collapsed. the information we've been able to piece together about the young vim times. >> and the warriors just one win away from their first nba title in 40 years. what we're learning abouts possible plans for a parade if they win tonight.
6:59 am
7:00 am
one of the balconies broke and at least ten people fell from the second or third floor. >> a 21st birthday party comes to a tragic end after a balcony clamses in berkeley. five people -- collapses in berkeley. five people died. several others hurt. what we're learning about the victims this morning. you are looking at live pictures from the scene of that


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